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Family life insurance

What is Family life insurance?

Family life insurance is an excellent solution to allow you to insure your entire family at a lower cost in the event of death. We are well aware that, within a family, equality often advocates. These family life insurance products provide coverage for your entire family.



Family life insurance allows families to obtain life insurance coverage for parents as well as children. These products allow, without having to worry individually, to cover family members for life insurance.

There are several advantages to choosing family life insurance. First, parents can get the life insurance coverage needed to meet their needs, both in permanent life insurance than term life insurance.

In addition to obtaining the necessary protections for parents, children will be able to be insured up to the age of 25 and it will be possible to transform their protection into permanent life insurance, without a medical examination.

Subscribing to this type of product for life insurance gives your children a big plus for the life in front of them. Life insurance is a basic product, so it is very beneficial to start having life insurance directly at the base: that is to say the family.



Family life insurance is inexpensive and has the same cost to insure all of your children. This formula may be suitable for large families and for several other reasons.


By obtaining family life insurance, you guarantee the insurability of your child for the future while covering the parents. Thus, in the event that your child has a health problem during his growth period, he will be able to be insured without having any refusal or extra premium, that is to say an increase for the problem in question.

There are many probable worries that can arise in a lifetime that we can never know, but by being assured from the start, it is assured that your family will be covered. It is important to be well advised to take out family life insurance. Best Price Life Insurance brokers guide you and find the best prices for you.

Other types of life insurance

Life Insurance : Over 50 →

Several companies offer life insurance products for people aged 50 and over. It is possible to get term life insurance and permanent life insurance.

Life Insurance : Term →

The term life insurance benefit will give your estate the money to pay for funeral expenses, mortgage payments, debts and living expenses.

Life Insurance : Children →

Children’s life insurance provides enough money to cover funeral expenses or allow you to take unpaid leave to recover from such a situation.

Life Insurance : Permanent →

This type of life insurance is therefore of indefinite duration and gives the certainty to your estate of receiving the amount of the insurance.

Life Insurance : No-medical exam →

Life insurance without medical examination offers to apply for life insurance, but without having to do medical tests. This type of product was designed for people with complicated or fragile health.

Life Insurance : Universal →

It is life insurance including, inside the product itself, a savings and investment portion.