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No Medical Exam Life Insurance

What is a No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

A no medical exam life insurance is designed for people who have difficulty getting insurance because of their historical or current health problems, but this insurance is accessible to everyone.

By not making the medical examination mandatory for life insurance holders, those who offer insurance can offer greater flexibility depending on individual needs. Life insurance without a medical examination may be the ideal solution if you have a medical file related to your more complex or very specific health, or if you have already been refused by other insurance companies for medical reasons.

Life insurance is an essential precaution to ensure the financial security of your family. This type of product will allow you to pay funeral costs, pay off debts or leave an estate to your heirs.


Life insurance with no medical exam offers permanent life insurance products that offer the possibility of obtaining life insurance protection that will cover you until your death. So even if there is no medical examination, the types of life insurance products offered and available are still very varied.

Life insurance without medical examination also offers the possibility of obtaining term life insurance coverage according to different lengths of time such as:

  • 10 years
  • 20 years
  • 25 years

The protection offered by life insurance can be obtained without having to perform any health tests and despite the fact that you have had any health complications before. This type of life insurance has been designed so that as many people as possible can benefit from it, even if their health records are complicated.

If you are worried about the possibility of getting life insurance because of your health, this solution might be for you. Talking about your medical issues is never easy, luckily there is a way to get life insurance while avoiding this difficult conversation.

Life insurance without a medical exam is available to everyone and offers peace of mind. Insurance holders are unanimous: good insurance reduces stress and helps you sleep better.


Best Price Life Insurance brokers are at your disposal and are able to offer you life insurance policies without medical examination at advantageous prices.

There are various reasons why someone looking for life insurance should choose this product. Life insurance without medical examination is intended, among others, for people who have had difficulty in finding insurance in the past, who have a dangerous job or play dangerous sports, who do not like blood tests or blood tests. medical examinations, who do not wish to answer certain questions or who simply want to be assured quickly.

Life insurance without a medical examination mainly applies to people who have, or have ever had:

  • A diagnosis of cancer that has been cured
  • Type 1 diabetes requiring insulin
  • A refusal following a request for life insurance
  • A cerebral vascular accident
  • A diagnosis of life-threatening illnesses


Other types of life insurance

Life Insurance : Over 50 →

Several companies offer life insurance products for people aged 50 and over. It is possible to get term life insurance and permanent life insurance.

Life Insurance : Term →

The term life insurance benefit will give your estate the money to pay for funeral expenses, mortgage payments, debts and living expenses.

Life Insurance : Family →

Family life insurance allows you to insure your entire family at a lower cost in the event of death. Being covered by this type of product puts everyone in the family under safety.

Life Insurance : Permanent →

This type of life insurance is therefore of indefinite duration and gives the certainty to your estate of receiving the amount of the insurance.

Life Insurance : Children →

Children’s life insurance provides enough money to cover funeral expenses or allow you to take unpaid leave to recover from such a situation.

Life Insurance : Universal →

It is life insurance including, inside the product itself, a savings and investment portion.